Developing an Effective Web Design

Web design is a complex process that starts with a request. Each web page requires different techniques that focus on the content and its presentation. Below are some of the common aspects that must be considered before a web page is designed.



Site Content

One of the most important aspects of designing a website is to determine how much control the site content will have.


Web Pages

Web pages are usually classified as an intranet or a desktop publishing site. Your site can be viewed on a laptop computer, a personal computer, or a web browser.


Desktop Publishing Sites

Desktop publishing sites are typically accessed by readers through a web browser. These websites are generally accessed through the browser while the user types in the address.

Functional Design

The same goes for the reading experience on the page. An intranet site is typically accessed with a screen reader and the same goes for desktop publishing sites. A web designer must create a design that is functional for the intended audience. If you are targeting children, then you must design your pages differently than if you are targeting adults.

Best Fonts

Some designers may consider the look of the site in order to decide on the type of font. Of course, fonts are only one aspect of a design, but it is a very important factor. 

Type of Information

The best fonts are chosen based on the type of information that will be presented on the page. Fonts should be consistent throughout the website so that the reader is not confused.



When deciding on the style of the content, the layout of the content should be similar to that of the content of the page. Text is usually separated into paragraphs or bullet points. These different styles are important because they help readers navigate to the content they are looking for without having to read words out of order.



Links can be found on the side bar or in the header of the page. It is important to note that the most commonly used links are the links in the header. They are the most easily recognized and therefore require the least amount of modifications.

Search Engine Rankings

An easy and simple way to improve search engine rankings is by using the appropriate keywords on your website. When your site contains words that are not related to the content, then the search engines cannot find the content easily. Keywords must be associated with the content in order to optimize the content.

Successful Site

Allowing the proper information to be presented on a web page is the key to creating a successful site. When a visitor finds your site informative, then you have accomplished a great deal. You have created a memorable experience and you have made it easier for visitors to find their way around.